Company Profile:

Company is a specialty pharmaceutical company engaged in the development, manufacturing and marketing of generic, branded and multi-source pharmaceutical products. Company's product repertoire includes ophthalmic solutions, gels and ointments, injectables and vaccines; with manufacturing strengths in aseptic processing and terminal sterilization.  Company is targeting new products and new therapies (example: anti-cancer drug)


Since 2003, company's rate of return has matched Google, meaning that 2003 investor would have realized a comparable investment gain to date.  Market cap has increased 2500% in recent 5 year period, and is expected to reach $2 billion (further 400% increase) by 2009/2010.  Company currently has 125 products in "pipeline" owing to global partnerships with foreign companies who develop and commercialize products for this company



Individual will be responsible for reforming and building sales infrastructure to manage explosive growth: Current sales force (inside and outside sales personnel) is expected to expand 2.5x current staffing by 2008;


Preferred Candidate Profile:


Position-holder must reside in Chicago; company will relocate.


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